Bancroft & Area Lakes

Elephant Lake, Ontario

30 minutes northwest of Bancroft – east side of lake – access is off South Baptiste Lake Road, right on Clark Rd , left on Tusk Trail or continue to Africa Trail. West side has year round access off County Road 648 North on County Road 10 or Elephant Lake Road.

Lake Size:
Surface Area – 2186 Acres, Maximum Depth 23 feet, Mean Depth 6feet.

Muskellunge, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Walleye

Lake Characteristics:
One of our large most picturesque lakes in our area. Great fishing lake. Part of a 3 lake chain with 36 miles of boating. The lake has only approximately 100 cottages, so there is a lot of natural shoreline.
This is a great area to cottage with access to golfing and dining at your doorstep.


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