Bancroft & Area Lakes

Eels Lake, Ontario

30 to 40 minutes southwest of Bancroft, follow Hwy 28 South – to two access roads-
Glacial Till Trail and Eeels Lake Public Landing road. The main road is Dyno Road left on
Homestead road to West Eels Lake Road the the forest access Road.

Lake Size:
Surface Area – 2,337 Acres, Maximum Depth 98 feet.

Lake Trout, Smalllmouth Bass, Walleye

Lake Characteristics:
One of our larger lakes. The Crown sold off lots back in the fifties and early sixties, so all the land behind the cottages is crown, which makes this lake great for ATV’s and snowmobiling.
Most of the cottage roads are now being kept open year round by the cottager’s themselves.
This is a great boating and fishing lake, it is the only lake in our area that is a draw lake for the Trent System, so the water levels can fluctuate over the summer, and in the fall the lake is lowered by approximately 10 feet, which is great as it lets you improve your shoreline.